L’ACT and Dr. Aliou Barry’s Proposal to Constitutionalize the Asset Declaration Regime in Guinea


In recent times, the political landscape in Guinea has witnessed a significant development with the proposal put forward by L’Alliance Citoyenne pour le Travail (ACT) and Dr. Aliou Barry to constitutionalize the regime of asset declaration. This proposal aims to enhance transparency and accountability within the governmental framework, setting new standards for public officials in Guinea. 

Understanding the Proposal

The proposal by L’ACT and Dr. Aliou Barry seeks to constitutionally mandate public officials to declare their assets, aiming to combat corruption and promote good governance. This initiative is pivotal in addressing the perplexity surrounding the management of public resources and ensuring a burstiness in the accountability of public officials.

Importance of the Proposal

Constitutionalizing the regime of asset declaration holds paramount importance in consolidating the democratic principles in Guinea. It not only fosters transparency but also acts as a deterrent against corrupt practices, thereby promoting a system of governance that is rooted in integrity and ethical conduct.

Significance for the Citizens

This proposal directly impacts the citizens of Guinea as it ensures that public officials are held accountable for their assets and wealth accumulation. By constitutionalizing the asset declaration regime, the proposal aims to empower the citizens by providing them with access to information about the financial status of their leaders, thereby fostering trust and confidence in the political system.

Implications for Governance

The proposal put forward by L’ACT and Dr. Aliou Barry has the potential to bring about a transformative change in the governance structure of Guinea. It redefines the mechanism of accountability, ensuring that public officials are held responsible for their financial actions, thereby reinforcing the principles of good governance.


The proposal to constitutionally mandate the asset declaration regime in Guinea is a significant step towards reinforcing transparency and accountability in the political sphere. It is a reflection of the commitment to combating corruption and promoting ethical conduct within the governance framework, thereby heralding a new era of responsible leadership.