Guinea’s Electricity Woes – Most Citizens Dissatisfied with Government’s Response

A 2020 Afrobarometer survey reveals a grim picture of Guinea’s electricity supply. Only 2 in 10 Guineans have access to a reliable electricity source, and most citizens are unhappy with the government’s efforts to improve the situation.

The key findings paint a stark urban-rural divide:

Only 33% of households are connected to the national grid, with a massive gap between cities (65%) and rural areas (3%).

Just 1 in 5 Guineans have electricity « all the time », with nearly half (49%) going without power « several times a week » or more.

Rural citizens rely heavily on solar panels (16%) and generators (12%) due to lack of grid access.

Over 80% rate the government’s performance as « fairly bad » or « very bad », spiking to 95% in rural areas.

Access to electricity ranks 3rd among national priorities, yet less than 20% approve of the government’s response.

There is clearly an urgent need for greater investment in Guinea’s electricity infrastructure, especially in rural communities. Reliable power access would unlock socio-economic opportunities and improve quality of life for millions of underserved citizens.

The government must make this a top priority if it wants to retain public confidence and support.

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