Gender-based violence remains a significant barrier to gender equality in Guinea, according to a recent Afrobarometer survey. The data reveals alarming attitudes: a majority believe domestic violence should be handled privately, and that men are justified in beating their wives.

While most respondents say violence against women and girls is uncommon in their communities, many still perceive it as widespread. Over half of women aged 15-64 have experienced intimate partner violence. Yet in 2023, just 205 rape cases and 14 harassment complaints were reported to the Office for the Protection of Gender, Children and Morals. This massive under reporting suggests victims face barriers to seeking legal recourse.

Beyond physical and psychological trauma, survivors encounter social stigma, lack of healthcare, and denied justice. To address this, Guinea has committed to strengthening women’s rights protections and streamlining support services. However, citizens remain largely dissatisfied with the government’s promotion of women’s rights.

The Afrobarometer survey provides critical insights into public attitudes on gender-based violence. While laws can be changed, transforming social norms remains an ongoing struggle. These findings demonstrate the need for greater awareness, education, and accountability to achieve gender equality in Guinea. Continued research and advocacy will be instrumental in driving progress.

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